While they’ve been DJing around London and beyond with their custom built Quodraphonic Earthboogie System for some time. This incredible High-Fidelity Sound system was creaated by Charles Grant.

Earthboogie’s Mr Mystery EP, released in May 2017, marks their debut appearance on Leng Records. It’s the first time the fruits of their studio labours, recorded in the space they call The Control Room, have made it onto vinyl.

Izaak Gray and Nicola Robinson’s musical vision is delightfully hard to pigeonhole, but is arguably best summed up by their self proclaimed dedication to all things “intergalactic, cosmic, tribal and terrestrial”. Some may draw clear parallels with the Afro-cosmic work of Italian pioneers Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda, where rock guitars, disco riffs, vintage synthesizers and heavy African drum rhythms are all thrown into the musical melting pot.

The Vinyl-Only DJ sets are a unique collage of international sounds mixed with 70’s disco, funk and cosmic sounds. Having travelled as far as Lagos and New York to gain a truly one-off collection, their love for Brazilian, Turkish, African and European sounds is wrapped up in their performances.

HIRE Earthboogie’s Sound System


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