Skills to pay the bills

Learn Production and DJ techniques

Director of East London Audio, Izaak Gray has over 10 years of experience in the music industry.

Izaak is currently releasing records as Earthboogie and is running production and tutorials for music lovers at The Control Room or at your preferred location. 

Production classes can be curated to your desired area for learning whether a beginner to intermediate, focusing on covering key areas such as recording, mixing, writing and arrangement. Izaak focuses mainly on Ableton training but can assist producers on logic also.

DJ tutorials & Music Production

Voice Over recordings are also available at The Control Room where there is a sound treated microphone booth and DJ setup 24/7.

For people wanting to learn to DJ, he specialises in vinyl, Traktor and USB training and can work with you on groups or in one on one sessions give you the theory & tools to play and create fantastic music as well as record DJ sets.