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The Control Room is our acoustically treated studio & event space in East London.

It features a custom sound system, as well as a range of recording and DJ equipment. 

The space is set on the ground floor of a warehouse conversion boasting unique features and interior design by the artistic duo Nicola Robinson & Izaak Gray aka Earthboogie. The space was styled to inspire creatives in all fields with each room themed, adorned with neon art, paintings, and mood lighting.

For private hire, photo shoots and events, we can supply a cloakroom, club setup with DJ’s and a bar team for70 people. For Supper club’s & dinner’s we have an inclusive setup for 20 people with cutlery, glass ware, seating and multiple tables each unique in design.

 The Control Room is available for complete hire via Air BnB. Sleeping 5 guests with a fully fitted kitchen, shower and dressing room.

Studio facilities

Sound proofed music studio/event space
Sound proofed vocal recording booth
Live music recording equipment
Photography studio
DJ/Production Tutorials
Dressing room/Cloakroom
Kitchen with shower facilities
Rooftop Access with views across London
Dance studio
Dinner Parties

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Microphone Booth

Our custom built microphone booth incorporates broadband absorption to deliver a truly non-resonant environment across the spectrum of the human voice and beyond. This makes for perfect takes with no colouration to get the best out of your session.


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